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The Map Method

MAP is the number one method to clear subconscious blocks. We do that by training the brain to find and neutralize the negative unconscious memories. This means to you that you don’t have to know, remember, or understand why you have a block.

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What is the MAP Method ?

MAP is a powerful method for clearing subconscious blocks. It works by training the brain to find and neutralize negative unconscious memories, without the need to remember or understand them. This is achieved through a revolutionary discovery in neuroscience called the Window of Re-consolidation. With MAP, unwanted memories, traumas, beliefs, and negative emotions can be unlearned in minutes. 

Unlike NLP, there's no need for visualization or following instructions. The process is gentle, fast, and effective, making it suitable for people of all ages and cognitive abilities. It's not hypnosis, and individuals remain fully awake and in control. 

The practitioner's role is to facilitate the brain's ability to rewire and upgrade itself, without any form of influence or insertion. MAP can also address family patterns and clear them from generational history. Unlike EMDR, it tends to be gentle and brings a sense of peace after any brief emotional reactions. Unlike Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, conscious participation is not necessary, as the unconscious mind is faster. MAP can even be used "incognito" for self-help in various situations, providing empowerment in daily life.

General benefits of
MAP as a method

MAP focuses on a future-oriented philosophy, aligning with the laws of quantum reality. It uses strong positive emotions to establish new neural pathways, going beyond just neutralizing negative patterns. MAP clears obstacles, helping the brain rewire itself to pave the way for a positive future. With MAP we have easy and unlimited access to unconscious memories. We can instruct the brain to:

Find all the events in a lifetime that are associated with a similar pattern, experience or feeling and neutralize them all at once , which saves lots of time and painful moments. You don’t have to remember the details. The best is that you don’t need to know anything about the issue. The brain is obviously aware of its own programs.

Find all the memories connected to a pattern and ask the brain to upgrade the ones that are painful and non-supportive.

Conditions improved 

with MAP

MAP can effectively neutralize and improve the following stress induced ailments, conditions and disorders listed in the chart below.




Addictions to Sex*

Adoption issues


Sexual Abuse/Assault

Pre-Surgical Stress

Premature Ejaculation

Personality Trait

Premature Ejaculation

Thumb Sucking

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Note: Conditions marked with an asterisk * can be successfully addressed with MAP as a complement to therapy with a licensed therapist or doctor in its respective field (with their consent).

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