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Nigh's method uniquely blends spiritual insight and transformative coaching to effortlessly awaken clients to their true selves, fostering deep personal connection and growth.

Nigh's Empowerment


Nigh's technique seamlessly guides clients to their soul's essence, merging spiritual wisdom and transformative coaching for profound awakening and self-discovery.

Nigh's practice redefines personal transformation, integrating spiritual channeling, intuitive insights, and coaching expertise. This distinctive approach facilitates a holistic journey towards empowerment, growth, and awakening to one’s true self, tailored to the unique path of each client.

The MAP Method TM


MAP(™) is a revolutionary approach to neutralize stressful memories using the latest discovery in neuroscience.

This method of coaching is very gentle and unobtrusive. MAP™ is unique and has a variety of tools to use to bring you, the client, as close as possible - if not completely, to the result you are desiring for in a session. It's a way to facilitate the brain to heal itself. MAP(™) is a revolutionary approach to neutralize stressful memories using the latest discoveries in neuroscience (the focus on the brain its impact on behaviour and cognitive functions, or how people think). It's also a process that helps assist the brain with disassociating emotion from the memory or the belief that was accepted as truth.

MAP is the number one method to clear subconscious blocks. We do that by training the brain to find and neutralize the negative unconscious memories.

Meet Nigh

Every individual holds deep within them patterns and behaviours that obscure their true potential, often established from the earliest moments of existence up to the tender age of seven. At the core of Nigh Zone Woman's Empowerment Transformational Coaching, lies the profound belief in the transformative power of the heart's energy. Nigh's approach is to awaken you to this powerful heart space, the sacred ground where true, lasting change is nurtured, and where the soul's deepest desires are revealed. It is from this place of heart-centred clarity and strength that we learn to guide our minds, teaching them new ways to think, behave, and respond. Under Nigh's empathetic guidance, you'll discover how to become the master of your own mind through the wisdom of your heart, embarking on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery that unlocks your highest potential

What are you looking
to improve ?

Are you grappling with the shadows of narcissistic abuse ?

Feeling lost in a maze of emotions from past events?

Do you sense these experiences are blocking your path to a joyful life?"

I am committed to guiding you towards a heart-centered transformation.
By tapping into your innate wisdom, we will rewire your brain to fully engage the powerful energy of the heart.
This journey will usher you into a state of presence, vitality, and inner peace, deepening your self-love.
Your Life Box will be enriched with Life Tools emerging from within, illuminated by your innate wisdom and the profound truths of Spirit.
This internal guidance, coupled with my ability to connect with you energetically, channels wisdom from a higher power, leading to deep and lasting transformations.
Embrace this journey as a heartfelt gift to yourself, experiencing a transformative connection with heart energy like never before."

Working Style

I offer my programs remotely so that everyone has access to this unique and revolutionary style of coaching. My clients have sessions from the comfort of their home with total privacy, respect, an atmosphere that is calming, and promotes the best results in their journey. I use the Zoom platform, Messenger video, FaceTime or phone. Payment can be made via Wise.com, Square, or e-transfer (Canadian Clients).It is a small world and we are all connected...therefore, I work with all time zones with clients all over the planet. I am can be flexible with clients outside of the GMT +3 time zone. Feel free to message me to discuss a time that works for us both at inthenighzonecoaching@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Working Style

I offer my programs remotely so that everyone has access to this unique and revolutionary style of coaching.

Clients enjoy sessions from their homes, emphasizing privacy, respect, and a calming atmosphere for optimal results.

Accommodating scheduling options for clients across different geographical regions.

Remote programs offered to ensure universal accessibility to coaching services.


Explore my creative process and unique pieces.
Experience my passion and vision. Join the adventure!

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